$1500 DEPOSIT ON 300sq.metres STANDS For Sale Zimbabwe

A genuinely approved Housing Project is looking for more members to fill in their allocated stands.The location is Zimre Park,at Caledonia Farm,and the stands are 300 sq.metres..The land has beeen serviced and soon to start building 3rooms for each member.

To ensure this is not one of those bogus Housing Co-operatives,we have supporting documents to prove it’s authenticity. Don’t sit there and say,’i’ve heard that before,it’s just another scam’,NO.

Do your investigations first,City Of Harare Department of Works and Town Planning,Remembrance Housing Departments .Or better still get a lawyer to do the search for you.Strictly non-politic

The cost per member will be 3500usd,which can be paid either in full or a deposit of 1500 usd and the balance in monthly installlments of 60usd

Call Portia or send an sms for more info,+263-913-391384
Sype portiachimutu

7 Responses

  1. do you get the tittle deeds after paying the deposit.and if you are outside zim why do pay for the monthly instalments

  2. “Three rooms for each member ” is this included in the 3500 dollarS or we have to pay other money?
    Where is calidonia?

    I’m with my small family and I wld like to grow and move out from my one roomed apartment.
    I will really appreciate it if I will secure a stand within your organization.
    I currently stay in glen view one

    Joseph mahlanganise

  3. hello? i would like to know if we can extend the house in the future or can we build a 10 roomed house and can we get a 1000sq mtr stand at what cost and what would the payments be like

  4. are there any stands available now.

  5. Hi what about in bulawayo don’t you have some stands let me know please

  6. like this

  7. is this still available. i would love to buy a stand, tell me how do i go about it

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