SIGNUP TODAY & WIN! (Free Branding/Logo Design or Marketing Consult)

Have you signed up to receive daily
classifieds yet? Here are 3 good reasons to do it now (at this

 1) Everyday businesses are competing to get you the best of the best
offers for the things you need. GetMoreInfo is where many of them are
posting their offers. Whatever you’re looking for – there’s a good
chance you’ll find it here.

 2) Do you know what your competition is up to? How educated are you on
new opportunities, trends and strategies arising in YOUR industry?
sign up to spy on how and what your competition is doin

 2) WIN! This week, we’re offering a few prizes for anyone who has
signed up for email updates. We’ll choose 1 business/person randomly
this week to win a $300 corporate branding package. We’ll design (or
redo) your logo, business cards, compliment slips & letterheads – all
100% free. We’ve worked with many of the top and most respected brands
in Zim today…this week, that could be yours 100% FREE…all you have
to do is signup now

 Do it at this link –

 By the way, we wont flood your inbox with emails either. No matter how
many posts we get in a day, they arrive in a neat digest format in
your email box.


p.s. if you’ve already signed up…you’re in the runnings. Increase
your chances of winning by getting your business partners, employees
or whoever else to signup too. Then yiou can do what you want with the
prize when you win (including re-sell it…we’ll show you how.)

 Here’s that link again – to sign up for a free advertising account!


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