Grinding mill for sale (willing to swap)

Available is a brand new electric grinding mill and dehuller (sheller) going
for $5,000.00, negotiable.

 The grinding mill comes with accessories, i.e. armoured cables, starter
motors, DBs meter box, etc. The miller is a 15 horse-power and the dehuller
is 10 horse-power and the output is 1 tonne per hour.

Also willing to swap with a vehicle or a residential stand.

 For further information please contact Joyce on 0913 444269 or Lameck on
0913 054557 or 0912 400323


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2 Responses

  1. I am interested in a diesel grinding mill and will be happy to have a quotation,

  2. I am looking for industrial grinding mill…together with its crusher for $5000 before 10 jan 2012.thank you .please help

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