Aloe Vera Drinking gel (All Purpose Medicine)

The aloe Vera drinking gel is a natural detoxifying agent also popularly known as the "general practitioner'' , ''an all purpose medicine'' , ''vacuum cleaner'' etc.
It is a natural product with the following healing properties
– pain relieving (analgesic)
– prevents swelling and pain (anti-inflammatory)
– kills all infections
– reduces colds and fever
– prevents excessive bleeding
– causes no side effects
Aloe Vera gel cleans the intestines, blood vessels, soft internal and external skin tissue, bones and teeth. By virtue of these properties it is reported to be very effective in healing sugar diabetes, cancer, heart condition, bp, stoke, stress, arthritis, gout, asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, flue, TB, diseases affecting throat and voice, lungs, liver,  kidney, brain and nose.
It strengthens the immune system and hence it fights any foreign bacteria that enters the body. It is recommended for correcting negative effects of modern diet that is full of chemicals, preservatives and fatty matter that contribute to high cholesterol levels, clogging of the blood vessels that ultimately lead to BP, stroke and heart diseases.
It is an adoptogen that is it normalizes anything that has gone wrong in the body system even if the patient is not aware of the reasons of his illness.

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One Response

  1. Julita this is very good, I have been looking for a write up like this on this gel but we also need to know the exact dosages to be taken per day in more friendly terms like 2 tablespoons or something like that per day.

    One thing I know is that you can never go wrong with Aloe Vera

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