Pumps,Welding Machines, Inverter,Oil Filter and more!

Have a look at these incredible offers…

 For Sale: Welding Machine portable single Ph air cooled $ 220
Oil Press electric 15HP 3-Phase $ 3900 Oil Filter 180kg/h $ 2500
 Grindind Mill Cap. 250kg/h $ 1300 Compressor on Wheels 6HP 200L
Tank 12 Bar 3-Phase $1700 Compressor on Wheels 3HP 100L Tank single
Phase 8Bar $450 Angle Grinder 9in. $110 submersible Pumps 3/4HP
1HP 1.5HP 4HP from $400
Diesel Water Pump 4 HP 36cbm/h $830 9HP 90cbm/h $ 1050 Petrol
Waterpump portable $300 Petrol Generators 7KVA s-Phase Key
Start $900 Inverter 1500watt $300
pneumatic Grinder 4in. $80 Stone Cutter hand held $110

Contact us today

 (04) 334115, 0912 301271 2927969
E-Mail: antonw@zol.co.zwEmail gmisubscribed@gmail.com to sign up for a free advertising account!


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