Warning: Only 3 positions available…Don’t Waste Time.

 Imagine what could happen if instead of just 1 page on GetMoreInfo,
you could get over 200 pages for your advert?

 In other words: Every-time someone posts an advert on ANY subject,
anywhere on the site…there you are, right beside them. The more
exposure and interest their post gets, the more likely people are to
see your ads too!

 Here’s how it works.

 On www.getmoreinfo.wordpress.com, you’ve probably noticed the square
ad boxed on the right side bar. Until now they haven’t been available
for anyone to rent…But that’s just changed!

 After many inquiries and questions, we’re finally ready to let you
rent it out. It’s also ridiculously ‘cheap’. Think about it, how much
would you pay for your advert to appear on over 200 pages on one the
countries most successful ad blog?!

 Whatever you think it is…it’s a lot less. Actually it’s just

 $25 for the top one spot
$20 for the middle spot
$15 for the bottom spot

 Notice That THERE ARE ONLY 3 SPOTS! Once they’re taken…that’s it for
the next two weeks!

 Do the math…

 Your advert on over 200 pages on one of the countries most successful
websites ever for $25 or less for a whole 2 weeks?!


 Make an appointment to meet with me at my Eastgate office to secure
your position.

 SMS or call 0913 710 746
Other wise email moreinfozim@gmail.com


 Max Soutter
P.S. Could you do with a lot more exposure and visibility for your
company right now? Well for $25 or less you’ve got getmoreinfo on
STEROIDS…working for you!Email gmisubscribed@gmail.com to sign up for a free advertising account!


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