“Reach 15 000+ Potential Customers Every Week While You Sleep – For Less Than $1 Dollar A Day!

“Reach 15 000+ Potential Customers Every Week While You Sleep – For
Less Than $1 Dollar A Day!

If you’re interested in a very easy, cost effective and results
oriented way to market your business in Zimbabwe, then you NEED the
Biz Auto-Marketing System.

It’s the most advanced email marketing system in Zimbabwe and i’m
making it available for only a Very Few Fast Movers.

The Biz Auto-Marketing system will reach over 15 000 email boxes,
promoting your business every week for 6 months! It will do this
automatically…without any work or supervision form you and it will
even reply inquiries from people who respond…all automatically.
There’s a lot more to it, but you’ll have to email me for the details.

In summary: It’s designed to get more eyeballs on your products and
keep the cash register ringing – while you sleep!

The official launch is tomorrow, …then the whole country finds out
about it – but i thought i’d give you a head start, as the slots will
be very limited. If you’re interested, email me asap and I’ll consider
you in front of the Que.

If you’ve ever wanted a system will find you new customers even while
you’re on holiday in Kariba… then this is what you’re looking for.
I’ll provide more complete details if you email me.

Yours for higher profits

Max Soutter

P.S. It’s the same system i’ve used to get over 3000 views & downloads
of my book Cash Baron Secrets…without spending a cent on marketing!

Oh, and the cost for now is ridiculously low (less than $1usd a day).
I cant promise it will stay that way much longer. $150usd for 6 months
of none stop, effective marketing. you wont find anything like it
anywhere in Zim.

+263 913 710 746

Connect WIth Me on LinkedIn
http://www.linkedin.com/pub/max-soutter/14/854/55aEmail gmisubscribed@gmail.com to sign up for a free advertising account!


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