WHAT TIGER WOODS SAID ABOUT ZIMBABWE…http://bizsetup.wordpress.com/2009/12/09/tiger-woods-attacks-zimbabwe-government/


Barely 24 hours after it was released this post has been one of the most popular we've seen yet. For good reason i suppose – it's not often you read about Tiger Woods, President Robert Mugabe & Nigel Chanakira all in the same post!

Either way you need to see it for yourself. There's an unexpected marketing lesson in it. So important is this lesson that many experts say this ONE FACTOR could affect as much as 80% of your marketing results.

CLICK HERE to See it. 

OR, you can Google Search for it. Just type – 'tiger woods attacks Zimbabwe government'
and look for the Bizsetup website result (i think it's # 3 or 4).


Max Soutter


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