ZIMBABWEANS ARE ON ZIMBER! http://zimber.ning.com/main/authorization/signUp?

Have you heard of Zimber yet? It launches this month, but Zimbabweans all over the world are Already joining! You can too!
CLICK HERE to Join Zimber Free
Zimber is a social community website designed for Zimbabweans. It's like 'Facebook for Zimbabwe'. Here's what you can do on Zimber
1) Make new Zimbabwean friends…anywhere in the world
2) Connect with old Zimbo friends
3) Make your product or brand more visible to Zimbabweans?
4) Promote your cause or movement by forming a group of like minded people
5) Expand you network and meet others Zimbos with the same interests as you
6) Invite members to your upcoming social or corporate events
7) Share your thoughts about whatever by starting a blog -with ready access to an audience (no porn or hate speech allowed though) 
7) You can even easily add an 'App' that allow you to securely check you Gmail or yahoo mail everyday
8) Add photos, videos, status updates and all sorts of things you can do on Facebook or other networks.
9) MORE!
If you're a Zimbabwean anywhere in the world OR you have Zimbabwean friends, family or customers…YOU SHOULD JOIN ZIMBER TODAY!
Invite as many friends as possible…there's a BIG prize (Worth over $1000usd) for the person who has convinced the most friends to join!

Email gmisubscribed@gmail.com to sign up for a free advertising account!


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