The Demand And Problems Of Cash Money In Zimbabwe

Struggling with the demands of Cash Money in Zimbabwe business? Take a look at these popular cash money posts from Zimbabwe’s most popular blog for business people (Bizsetup)

Why Don’t You Have More Money?

money wadWhy aren’t you making more money? Much of your struggle in business is because you haven’t taken the time to properly answer this question. When you do, you’re income, I’ll bet will almost immediately increase.

Here’s why… READ MORE

Do You Need Money?

So, you need money right? You need money fast?

I get it. Really. I know what it’s like to need $10 for my families next meal, $500 for a hospital bill or thousands for an investment. No matter the amount, the feeling is the same, whether you’re Phillip Chiyangwa needing money for a new monster Mansion, or a street kid needing money for a Bakers Inn pork pie.

Nothing wrong with needing something, but if you ever get into the HABIT of feeling needy… That’s where your real problems begin. Problems that are much worse than not having money on you, at the moment.


No Money needed?How To Start A Business Without Money

Is it possible to start a business with no money? Is it true that it takes money to make money in business? What business can I start if I only have very little money to get going?

These questions are some of the common emails I get from start-up entrepreneurs and employees in Zimbabwe and beyond. In fact many people have been waiting for years to finally have enough to start their business…most never do.

In this post I’ll provide you with resources, realizations that will help you overcome these hurdles in a big way…or at least get you going.

First you need to realize a few things about starting a business in Zimbabwe (or anywhere).


Make A Million Dollars The Boring Way

Winning the Lottery…easy way to a million dollars

Everyone loves the mega million dollar day idea.
It’s easy money. It’s success in a bottle. It’s the lottery win – instant riches and glory.
Living as though you’re going to ‘suddenly succeed’ is very tempting. After all it means you can be lazy. and sporadic – now that’s fun – and easy.
You do what you should only when you feel like it.
When you feel like it, that’s when you study, that’s when you pray, that’s when you spend QT with the wife and kids, that’s when when you excersize. It’s fun that way.
Until you fail.
The rest of humanity has one of two choices…

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  1. it’s so sad!

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