Info on Adding More Memory To My PC

If You’re confused about how to add more memory to your PC, then this article from Microsoft will provide you with the info you want.

Info on how to add more memory to your computer

I used to have the dining room table all to myself. Taxes, Christmas cards, birthday gift-wrap, household bills—I would spread out until the job was done.

Add memory to your computer

Nowadays, with one child drawing pictures, another doing homework, and a third fiddling with Lite-Brite, I’m relegated to a tiny corner—if that much. Often I put off tasks until everyone has gone to bed and even then I’m hard-pressed to meet the breakfast deadline. Of course, I could expand the table…

It’s much the same with computers. If the hard drive is the filing cabinet in which you store your documents, then memory, or RAM (random access memory), is the table you work on. The easiest way to get more space is to add extra leaves.

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