TED Event In Harare, Zimbabwe – Tedxharare

The Tedxharare event is drawing closer and closer and quite a few people are looking forward to it. It was on the Bizsetup blog this morning, Max Soutter confirms that he is in fact speaking at the Tedxharare conference about the How to get power, fame and fortune. The Speakers and their topics are listed below

  • Sarah Norman – “New African Culture”
  • Blessing Miles Tendi – “Zimbabwe’s men of ideas: irresponsibility and its implications for society”
  • Chris Kabwato – “I don’t want my children to be like me – and here is why…”
  • Nunu Kidane – (Role of Host and Connector)
  • Oswald Jumira – “Innovation and Skills Development in the Tech Space”
  • Paul Brickhill – “African Creative Sector: the next 25 years”
  • Tsitsi Dangarembga – “The Question Posed by My Cat Concerning Extraterrestrial Cockroaches”
  • Max Soutter – “Power To The People: How To Gain Power, Fame & Fortune One Story at a Time”

It’s already too late to attend, only 100 people are permitted to attend. You can however watch it on line. You can get more details on www.tedxharare.com


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