low cost method of information dissemination and communication

We are writing to offer you a fast, efficient and low cost method of information dissemination and communication directly to your clients, stakeholder and general public cellular phones using Bulk SMS (Short Messaging Service). Bulk SMS is when multiple messages are sent to as much as 20,000 recipients at just a click of a button. What makes our particular service unique is that it displays the name of your organisation (the sender) not the number like a normal text. This is the first of its kind in Africa. Current users include Cresta lodge, Cresta Oasis, Jameson, Churchill, Road Angles, Quest, Cloverleaf, Doves, ZCFU, EKOWISA, SAYWHAT, Edgars, topics, truworths, NANGO, Zimbabwe Human Rights Forum, Redstar, ZimRights,schools, just to name a few. I am sure you will have received an SMS from some of these organizations if you have a working relationship with them.

Nobody could have predicted the growth in the use of SMS or text messaging over the past decade. And yet it is a convenient and simple method of communicating to the extent that it now has its own language! The growth in the number of cellular/mobile handsets has also meant that most people have access to a cellular/mobile handset, with our SMS service we provide a means of reaching your target market that no other communications medium can match.

Most organisations use the media, newspapers or emails to communicate with their target market. This is a unique service that worldwide texting has become a means of communicating with a click of a button.

How it works? Just to HYPERLINKhttp://www.hansole.org www.hansole.org and click on SEND SMS. Using a username and a password provided you just log in and you are ready to go.

Please kindly visit HYPERLINKhttp://www.hansole.org www.hansole.org to understand more about our products and service. To discuss this further, please call me on 263 772278161 or e-mail me to HYPERLINKmailto:admin@hansole.org”admin@hansole.org

Yours faithfully,
For and on behalf of Hansole investments (Private) Limited.

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