Get Forever Living Products in Zimbabwe

Forever Living Offers a wide range of healthy products for the whole family. Here are just a few for ‘Him’ this Father’s Day!

  • Personal care range – to help him stay smart and refreshing
  • Aloe hand sanitizer – $5 to keep in his car on pocket to constantly wash his hands
  • Aloe Evershield deo – $10 to make sure he never has that bad odour from sweat or excess beer or smoke
  • Perfume – $50 for him
  • After shave – $15
  • Aloe liquid soap – $15
  • Aloe Gelly and Shampoo combo $37, for balding heads.  to help get his hair back!!
  • Propolis creme – $22 to help with acne or problem skin
  • Weight loss combo – $150. to help detoxify his system, take out all the booze and gochigochi and maintain a healthy weight. He can lose 2kg-13kg in 9days!! money back guaranteed
  • Multi maca $34, to help him get his groove back if his libido is failing him. Don’t spook him, just help him get better in bed with Multi maca.  If he is not lasting long enough, get GinChia too $20 which is an energizer and also has hormones.  This is the best fathers day gift yet….
  • Forever toothgel $10, to help him get a nice fresh breathe all the time whilse removing any oral thrushes or bleeding teeth.  Also good for smokers and beer drinkers to get a fresh peppermint taste and smell at all times.  Easier to kiss more often!!

We also have combos for medical conditions like cancer, BP, diebetes, arthritis etc.  Get him healthy and looking and feeling good the natural way.  Get Forever living products in Zimbabwe! It’s easy.

Interested in any of our Aloe Vera based products or want to find out more about the Forever Living Business Opportunity?

Contact Rachel

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