Benefits of Plain Clothed VS Uniformed Security

Both plain clothes and uniformed security guards have their various advantages and disadvantages.To make the best decision as to which one is the best choice for your business, you have to determine your own needs and the type of business that you’re operating. Here are some of the advantages  of each of the two types of security guards:


Plain Clothes Security Officers

Plain clothes officers can also be referred to as being undercover security guards. They are often found in large retail stores, sporting venues, and in large public gatherings or places where there is a high amount of foot traffic, including outdoor concerts. They provide a host of benefits, though they’re not suitable for every situation. However, they are highly recommended for the following businesses:


  • Warehouses
  • Corporate or office buildings
  • Retail locations


For warehouses, plain clothes security guards can examine the interaction of the employees and be on the look out for any suspicious activities. By hiring plain clothes security guards, you’ll be effectively hiring internal security that is undercover to focus on the employees themselves. Many of these security guards, based on your instructions, will be able to assess whether or not the employees are following all of the necessary protocols when they are not being watched.


For corporate or office buildings, plain clothes security officers can provide security services that doesn’t stand out in the sense that it’ll give the place a more professional appearance. These security officers can even be made to wear suits if necessary.


With retail, plain clothes security guards will be able to spot shoplifting, as well as other security issues, more frequently if people do not think they’re in the presence of security.


Uniformed Security Guards

In contrast, uniformed security guards bring many advantages as well, which you will have to weigh when deciding which type of guard to hire. Some of the main advantages are:


  • Act as a deterrent: When people see a security guard, they will be less likely to do something illegal. Having a uniformed security guard means that many crimes will be prevented that otherwise could occur if the security guard was undercover.
  • Provides peace of mind: A uniformed security guard also provides peace of mind for both workers and customers. People will feel more safe, as uniformed security guards can act as a calming presence.
  • Can help people in an emergency: If someone spots something suspicious or is in need of help, being able to recognize a security guard will mean that they will have someone to go to. Otherwise, many people may not be able to receive the assistance that they would need.


In deciding whether a plain clothes or uniformed security guard is right for you, make sure to consider your own business and the needs of your customers and the security threats that you would face. First Security Services will be happy to consult with you on this issue!

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