STUDY IN MALAYSIA @ Bostonweb College of technology and Management.

STUDY IN MALAYSIA @ Bostonweb College of technology and Management.

Get your affordable world class, higher education that leads you to a recognised Bachelor degree program / programme from United Kingdom / Great Britain.Obtain your quality tertiary education and qualification in the field of Information Technology – IT, Cyber Security,Business – Accounting, Techno Entrepreneurship.Also get secure yourself a good, high standard English Language qualification (English for Higher Studies and IELTS preparatory from us at BOSTONWEB COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT, KUALA LUMPUR MALAYSIA.

CONTACT US via email
Mr Awi (,
Mr.Emry (,
Ms Suriati (,
Mr Ahmad (

We also invite Student Recruitment Agents and Agencies.
Attractive Commissions scheme for student recruitment available.

Job Hiring In Zimbabwe

…It’s got me thinking about the whole job interview process again and why so many entrepreneurs find it difficult and get it COMPLETELY wrong.

If you’re looking to hire someone for a job position in your company, then this could be the most important thing you’ll’ read all week…here’s why

Firstly, there are two things that almost every untrained interviewer gets wrong

  • 1) They talk too much
  • 2) They ask all the wrong questions


Study ACCA or CIMA at flexible schedule Zimbabwe

Study ACCA or CIMA at flexible schedule and at you convenience. The learning methods are like the normal conversional class. Experienced lecturers. For more information visit or send email to

Name: Harry

School Uniforms for sale (Zimbabwe)

School , Fashion  and Coporate Jerseys designed for you.
Simply tell us size, colour and design of your choice
Some of our bets design are:
False Twinsets
Lined Jersey for both men and women
Court Jersey for women
Neck or Straight Poncho
Golf – Zip colar with side vents for Kids to Adults
School jersey (any school) Double or Single Knitt with or without Logo
Coporate Jersey with or without Logo

Call Tino on 0913000133 to show you sample designes

Name: Designer Knittware

Translation Services )Portuguese/ English

Translation Services of Documents
Portuguese to English & Vice Versa

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Beauty Specialist Courses

Silvana Academy of Natural Health and Beauty Therapy
7 Glenara Avenue North, Eastlea North, Harare           Tel. 495225
is offering International BEAUTY SPECIALIST COURSES (ITEC London U.K.)
The course comprises of:
Facials / Skincare and eye treatments – 100 hours
Make-Up – 50 hours
Manicure/Pedicure – 50 hours
Depilation – 50 hours
Professional Conduct and Business Awareness – 50 hours

Full diploma cost – $3000
Modules – $800
No qualifications required.
Limited places available so call 495225 or email to book you career in Beauty Therapy

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Short Courses @ NIIT

Short Courses Available 

Pre requisite for computer training is O or A levels- English and Maths.



FEES: US$ 300.00

DURATION: 1 MONTH payable in 2 installments



FEES: US$ 380.00

DURATION: 1 MONTH payable in 2 installments



FEES: US$ 500.00

DURATION: 2 MONTHS payable in 2 installments



FEES: US$ 400.00

DURATION: 2 MONTHS payable in 2 installments



FEES: US$ 600.00

DURATION: 3 MONTHS payable in 4 installments



Are you looking for evening lessons? If so, then we can arrange 4.30 to 6.30 lessons also.

We are offering September specials at NIIT!

Enroll now and take advantage of these specials…………!!!

Please do not hesitate to write back on if you want detailed course content!!!




128 King George Road


É Phone: +263 (4) 334877-9

Ê Fax:  +263 (4 303736

ÈMobile: +263 (0) 912 236 543

š Email:


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Dipleague Tips & Tricks For GetMoreInfo

With GetMoreInfo being the fastest growing blog in Zimbabwe, hundreds of people and businesses are eager to get the most out of it.

One such way is by using Dipleague to maximize your GetMoreInfo exposure. It’s simple and easy.

Dipleague is a fantastic email community of professionals and a really great service. One thing though, is they dont allow large emails (no bigger than 40kb) which means sending any kind of pic is almost impossible. For those who may be frustrated with this – not being able to include pictures on Dipleague as on GetMoreInfo here are a few ideas on how others have done it.

1) Got a nice shiny new brochure, poster or whatever? Post it on GetMoreInfo, then tell everyone on Dipleague where to find it (the url/page link).

2) Increase credibility (professional image). When you post an ad on Dipleague, NCdipleague you may not be able to show your corporate logo. As you already know, as with most forums, clients can be skeptical about your business on Dipleague until they see how you present yourself. So why not first post the ad on GetMoreInfo, then refer Dipleaguers to your ad here. Here you can visually introduce them to your brand.

For example… instead of a full ad on Dipleague, write a short one or two liner that would make interested parties on Dipleague click for more info. Once they get here, they can see your ad in all it’s glory!

3) Show Dipleagers your product pictures or portfolio. Use the same method as above to direct them to your product pictures, your graphic design porfolio or whatever..

These are only a few ways that GetMoreInfo & Dipleague work well together.

This way you’re able to leverage Diplegues large following with the rich features GetMoreInfo offer’s.


Download now or preview on posterous

AMMT NOV 2009.doc (500 KB)

Accurate and concise minutes are essential for an organisation’s planning
procedures. By keeping them brief, to the point and comprehensible,
planning can move forward and businesses can stay on track.

This practical 2 day course offers a step-by-step guide through the
process of preparing for meetings, active listening and accurate note
taking to producing the perfect minutes.


South Africas premier free email service – ——————————————————————
For super low premiums, click here

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Holiday Lessons

Parents with Grade 3&4 children in the Hatfield, Waterfalls and Sunningdale Areas

Holiday lessons, Holiday Lessons!

Let not your children loose momentum during the holidays, two hours per day is all it takes. The damages are US$1 for 2 hours daily. Interested, contact M. Makoni on

0912 769 935 or 0913 451 297 for more information.



Mrs. M. Makoni


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