Introduce Your Business To Thousands Of Prospects ANYWHERE In Zimbabwe

If you’re looking for an affordable, but effective way to advertise your business, then you may have already considered fliers.

The problem with the way fliers are usually handled in Zimbabwe is that they end up in the hands of people who are very unlikely to give you business – it’s too untargeted.

If Only You Could Target The People Most Likely To Buy!

Now you can!

Do you know where to find the people who are most likely to give YOU? business? A particular area in town? a suburb somewhere? A town?

We’ve got a massive team of info-distributors that can help you reach ANY geographically targeted group in Zimbabwe.
So now you can send out thousands of fliers/sales letters/brochures etc DOOR TO DOOR in Borrowdale, Avondale, Msasa, Greendale, Granite-side – or even Mutare, Gweru, Bulawayo etc – ANYWHERE YOU WANT IN ZIMBABWE within a week max.

It’s super affordable too – for example

To distribute 1000 messages Door to Door in any Harare suburb or in town (offices), will cost you just $190!
The more you send, the cheaper it gets per message delivered.


contact me and tell me what you’d like done and where and I’ll give a fast email quotation.

email or call 0913 098 648 for a fast email or verbal quotation.

And if you don’t have a flier, sales letter or brochure to send, we can have that done for you too.

Don’t miss out on this really easy, targeted and affordable way to get your business known – literally, right on the door step of someone who needs your services.

Max Soutter,

Business Setup Group

Automatic Marketing System – Get It Now.

“Reach 15 000 Potential Customers Every Week While You Sleep – For
Less Than $1 Dollar A Day!

to get full details, just email me at
Your subject title should be ‘auto marketing System’

If you’re interested in a very easy, cost effective and results
oriented way to market your business in Zimbabwe, then you NEED the
Biz Auto-Marketing System.

It’s the most advanced email marketing system in Zimbabwe and i’m
making it available for only a Very Few Fast Movers.

The Biz Auto-Marketing system will reach almost 15 000 email boxes,
promoting your business every week for 6 months! It will do this
automatically…without any work or supervision form you and it will
even reply inquiries from people who respond…all automatically.

In summary: It’s designed to get more eyeballs on your products and
keep the cash register ringing – while you sleep!

Yours for higher profits

Max Soutter

P.S. It’s the same system I’ve used to get over 3000 views & downloads
of my book Cash Baron Secrets…without spending a cent on marketing!

Oh, and the cost for now is ridiculously low (less than $1usd a day).
I cant promise it will stay that way much longer. $150usd for 6 months
of none stop, effective marketing. you wont find anything like it
anywhere in Zim.

to get full details, just email me at
Your subject title should be ‘auto biz marketing system’. You’ll get a
reply with details within 3 seconds!

+263 913 710 746

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Need A Logo & FREE WEBSITE? Here’s a small thank you gift!

Hi there,

My team let me know they've got some free time in the next few days – so we'd throw a favor your way –

If you need a logo for your business we'd be glad to help you out if you move fast. Instead of the usual $150usd
we charge, you can get a FULL logo brand pack from us for just $80!

Your Brand pack will include
1) Logo design (or redraw if you want redo/ improve your current one)
2) Business card design
3) letterhead design
4) Compliment slip design

All the above for a measly $80usd!

Just our way of saying thanks for being a loyal subscriber to!

By the way, because we're doing such a deep discount, i will allow on the first 3 jobs
at this price, so if you're interested…move quick. After number three…that's it, back to
$150 which, actually is still a great price.


Call me on 0913 710 746
or email me personally on



p.s. by the way, did i mention…one of the three logo jobs will win a FREE mini website worth $150 so don't waste time!

SPREAD THE WORD About GetMoreInfo so that more people see your ads – Use the Tell A Friend Button On the site Email to sign up for a free advertising account!



Just for the next two days you can get your brand logo, business card,
letterhead, compliment slip all designed for the discount price of
This applies only to the 1st 3 people to take up this offer. In
addition to that, one of the three will win a free mini website worth

Contact me now on
0913 710 746



MaxEmail to sign up for a free advertising account!


Warning: Only 3 positions available…Don’t Waste Time.

 Imagine what could happen if instead of just 1 page on GetMoreInfo,
you could get over 200 pages for your advert?

 In other words: Every-time someone posts an advert on ANY subject,
anywhere on the site…there you are, right beside them. The more
exposure and interest their post gets, the more likely people are to
see your ads too!

 Here’s how it works.

 On, you’ve probably noticed the square
ad boxed on the right side bar. Until now they haven’t been available
for anyone to rent…But that’s just changed!

 After many inquiries and questions, we’re finally ready to let you
rent it out. It’s also ridiculously ‘cheap’. Think about it, how much
would you pay for your advert to appear on over 200 pages on one the
countries most successful ad blog?!

 Whatever you think it is…it’s a lot less. Actually it’s just

 $25 for the top one spot
$20 for the middle spot
$15 for the bottom spot

 Notice That THERE ARE ONLY 3 SPOTS! Once they’re taken…that’s it for
the next two weeks!

 Do the math…

 Your advert on over 200 pages on one of the countries most successful
websites ever for $25 or less for a whole 2 weeks?!


 Make an appointment to meet with me at my Eastgate office to secure
your position.

 SMS or call 0913 710 746
Other wise email


 Max Soutter
P.S. Could you do with a lot more exposure and visibility for your
company right now? Well for $25 or less you’ve got getmoreinfo on
STEROIDS…working for you!Email to sign up for a free advertising account!

“GET A BACKBONE – Here’s How”

Quick CLICK HERE to get a FREE business backbone!

Let me explain.

The Backbone of any GOOD business strategy = Marketing. 
The Backbone of any GOOD marketing strategy = Information.

Info about what your customers really want
info about what your competitors are offering them

Without this info, you're just guessing – no matter how clever you may be. No one ever built a successful business by guessing what to do next, what to say and how to say it… Without info to support your strategies…you're destined for business mediocrity.

Fortunately though…at GetMoreInfo…info is what we do best!

You can receive daily emails from getmoreinfo on people out there really want. The things they're looking, the offers they're willing to pay for.


You'll also get to see posts on what your competitors are offering – not to mention what people in other industries are doing…maybe you can learn new tactics, or even secure joint ventures with them?

It's super easy to sign up and it's a lot faster than reading this email!


p.s. oh and if you want to send something to all those potential customers visiting our site? Just send it to Email to sign up for a free advertising account!


Hi there,

I may have a customers for you – here's why.

You joined GetMoreInfo a while ago and you may have posted an ad already. If you did, you may be surprised to know that everyone replies to ads the way you tell them to!

Some people find it easier to simply post a comment on your post. And we have A LOT of those on the site in almost every category. Many have done this and left their contact details…one or two actually tried to place orders that way. All together there are about 40 comments from the last 2 or 3 weeks…so please visit the site now to see if you've got a buyer waiting!

Find your page by going to the categories section on your left. OR if your ad is more recent than 2 weeks it may not be categorized by our system yet…

Just Google search your ad for example if your ad was "Computers for Sale", search "computers for sale – getmoreinfo" and you should be able to find it quickly.



You may be one of the 40 businesses with potential business waiting to hear from you!

Just thought i'd let you know

Max Soutter

P.S. If you haven't posted an advert yet…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? All you have to do is send you ad to It will be posted automatically on from there. Give it a try! Email to sign up for a free advertising account!

Harare Houses For Sale? Post Them Here!

ATTENTION all Harare or Zimbabwe based estate agents that have Harare houses for sale… GetMoreInfo is the perfect place to post your properties!

Besides being the top advertising blog in the country – We have a growing segment of visitors who are seeking properties for sale, especially in Harare…don’t miss the opportunity to reach them FREE, right here.

You can easily post an ad to getmoreinfo by either filling in this easy form,or by sending your post by email to

Post your documents now and they’ll automatically be added to Zimboogle search results to get you even more results.

What are you waiting for…post your Harare houses for sale now…100% free!

GetMoreInfo Annoucement

Hi there, just a quick one…

We’ve introduced another way for you to post your ads. Now you can simply type your advert right in this box – You can also still post the usual way by email, this is just another option.  It’s easy and self explanatory – see it here.

GetMoreInfo Team

P.S. You can find this page on the Post NOW button on the top navigation.

Get A MINI WEBSITE For Just $125!

You’re a small business or maybe a start-up – You don’t need a mega website, just a mini one. Just a place online that you can use to present yourself professionally and inexpensively.


1) Just 5 pages (for example: Home page, product page, contacts page,
about us page and another of your choice)
2) Contact form included to allow people to email you directly from the site.
3) No registration or monthly hosting fees…it’s self hosted.
4) No long waiting period…the site can be done within 3 days

All for just $125, that’s LESS THAN HALF the usual cost of a basic site.

WANT MORE DETAILS? email me at or call/SMS 0913 710 746

Only Accepting the first 5 people to respond, then price goes back up to normal

Max Soutter

P.S. This is your one opportunity to get it done properly at a
ridiculously cheap price.

Move fast, and i’ll also systemize an automatic website marketing
system for you to introduce thousands of people to your new
website…100% FREE!

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