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Free Internet Advertising…More Than Just Measly Classifieds!

3 or 4 Hours from now, your online/email marketing results will shoot through the roof, here’s why…

GetMoreInfo is website that allows you to place any kind of info on your company online for free. No website required. With a simple email to GMI, you can get a full page advert, put up a company profile, CV, personal bio, picture portfolio, power point presentation etc – Anything you want to be seen by thousands of Zimbabwean (and ‘Diaspora’ eyeballs.

The list of benefits is endless – here’s the bottomline – No more limitations: Post any kind of document, pictures, audios and video You Want Thousands More People To See.

Here’s How To Signup

(It Takes Just 30 Secs)

STEP 1: Send a blank email to

Make Sure to send it from the same email account you expect to send email ads from (probably the one you’re on right now). You’ll be entered into our membership system.

STEP 2: Wait to receive an Email From GetMoreInfo that contains an email address you can send to when you post. We vet each signup manually so this could take a few hours. But once you have the address, you’re done! You can now send full page,  multi-format pages to the site!

All these benefits are yours


  1. Reach hundreds, even thousands more than you’re reaching now – easily.
  2. Make each advert last up to 6 months or longer, instead of a day or two
  3. Give surfers the power to easily spread the news about you, with a push of a button.
  4. Add pictures and images to show off your products, services, portfolio etc Don’t worry about formatting your pictures to make them small enough…we’ll do that automatically & instantly.
  5. Include downloads as attachments in almost any format. Every attachment you send is automatically converted into a download for online readers.
  6. PLUS two major update features coming soon: ONLY FOR MEMBERS: Our Net Multiply Feature: Your email automatically goes to 7 extremely popular websites in different formats. And A Special Google Search that make sure that anyone looking for company or service…finds you easily – Even if there are a million other ads on the site!

Any questions?


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