Accomodation Wanted (Cottage)

I am looking for a cottage to rent at the beginning of July 2012.  Cottage
should have two rooms plus a kitchen, own bath and loo.  Would prefer
following areas-

  • Belvedere
  • Westgate
  • Strathaven
  • New Marlborough
  • Milton Park
  • Bloomindale
  • Marimba Park
  • Eastlea

Cottage must have own entrance.  My budget is USD250 – USD300  incl but if
rates are reasonable and I have my own water and zesa meters then its all

Thank you, Mandy Dube

Accomodation wanted in Harare

I am looking for a 0ne/Two bedroomed flat or cottage.
In Harare, Zimbabwe

Mercy R. Mutero
P/A Administration Manager
Sinosteel Zimbabwe (Private) Limited
Pegasus House
7th Floor
52-54 Samora Machel Ave

 Tel / fax: (+263)(04) 251826/7

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