Business Refresher Training Workshops

We will be running some one day refresher business training workshops
as per attachment next week on Customer Care 17/8/09, Marketing &
Selling Skills 18/8/09, Supervisory & Management Skills 19/8/09,
Team Building
20/8/09, Strategic Planning 21/8/09.

Please see attachment for more details


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  •  Doubling Your Mind Power (Anthony Robbins)
  •  The Art of War (Sun Tzu)
  •  Awaken the Giant Within (Anthony Robbins)
  •  How to read anybody like a book (Zig Ziglar)
  •  Conditioning Your Mind for Wealth (Anthony Robbins)
  •  Think and Grow Rich (Napolean Hill)
  •  The Millionaire Next Door (John D. Stanco)
  •  7 Habits of Highly Effective People* (Steven R. Covey)*
  •  Principle Centered Leadership * (Steven R. Covey)*
  •  The 8th Habit * (Steven R. Covey)*
  •  Strangest Secret* (Earl Nightingale)*
  •  21 Unbreakable Laws of Money *( Brian Tracey)*
  •  Breakthrough *(Jack Canfield)*
  •  Decision *(Bob Proctor)*
  •  Money *(Bob Proctor)*
  •  Rich Dad Poor Dad *(Robert Kiyosaki)*
  •  Choose to Be Rich *(Robert Kiyosaki)*
  •  Psychology of Achievement *( Brian Tracey)*

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