Is Your Electricity Bill Too Expensive?!

Save electricity!

Is your electricity bill eating up your hard-earned cash? Here’s the solution:  Get these super energy-saving light bulbs – best deal in town at Electrosales Hardware!

Find us at: Gate 1 Powerspeed Complex, CNR Cripps/ Kelvin Road North, Graniteside, Harare, Zimbabwe.


Zimbabwe’s Only Hardware Hyper Store (Electrosales)

Electrosales has now opened Zimbabwe’s first and ONLY hardware hyper store! We’ve got everything you need and more, so pay us a visit today!

Find us at Gate 1, Powerspeed Complex, CNR Cripps/Kelvin Road, North Graniteside, Harare.

Come and see for yourself!

Contact us on 04 751114-7/ 771101-4

Generators For Sale in Zimbabwe, Power Over Darkness!

Looking for a generator in Zimbabwe? Check out these amazing offers ranging from $200 – $840 Can’t see this advert? Click Here to see it on GetMoreInfo.

Christmas Giveaway Bonanza – $60 000 In Prizes!

Check out our incredible  Christmas bonanza promotion! All you have to do is spend $5 or more at any participating outlets between 1st Oct and 11th December 2009, Fill out the form and you could be a lucky winner!


Christmas Bonanza Promo

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