Find ANYTHING In Zimbabwe On Zimboogle!

Zimboogle is a very unique search engine that allows you to search for Zimbabwean websites or classified ads.  Easily find thousands of results from multiple sites all providing what you’re looking for.

Forget endless hours of searching, Zimboogle uses Google’s powerful search technology to bring ads and online classifieds from the major sites including GetMoreInfo… all into one place.

Find Zimboogle here –

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What does that mean for you?

  • More Traffic going to your adverts on the website
  • Your ads will probably be ranked in the FRONT page of Google for relevant searches (in some cases #1!) That’s even more eyeballs on your ads.
  • More eyeballs on your ads means greater response…do the math.

If you havnt posted on the site yet…you’re wasting your marketing opportunities…especially since it’s so easy!. All you have to do is subscribe, then start posting!

It’s Easy to Subscribe…just send a blank email to

That’s it.

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