Jean Guthrie Beauty Care has come up with an exciting range of gift sets for Christmas (or any other occassion) this year.  The following are some of them.
30ml Precis Firmalift Booster Serum
20ml Precis Firmalift Eye Serum
50ml Precis Firmalift Neck Creme
All these are packed into a beautiful and generously sized cosmetic bag adorned with a trendy pink butterfly and vine print.  (R710)
50ml Fragrance
10ml Atomiser
Available in Verve eau de toilette (R400), Radiant eau de parfum (R570) and Irresistible eau de parfum (R570).
They come packed into  a make-up purse which matches the above cosmetic bag.
30ml bottles of Margot eau de parfum (R195), Celebrate Her eau de parfum (R195), Sheer Heaven eau de parfum (R195), Jean eau de parfum (R320) and Irrestitible eau de parfum.(R195).
Each fragrance is beautifully packaged.
100ml Treatment Tissue Oil
150ml Tissue Oild Hand and Body Moisturiser
50ml Tissue Oil Hand and Nail Treatment Cream
4g Tissue Oil Lip Balm
300ml Luxury Body Wash (R110)
100ml Body Spritz (R115)
100ml Body Butter (R95)
100ml Orange Blossom & Ginger Body Butter (R95)
100ml Tea Rose & Pomegranate Body Butter (R95)
Platinum Gift Set (100ml fragrance and 75ml roll-on) (R570)
Destiny Gift Set (100ml fragrance and 75ml roll-on) (R570)
CRACKERS FOR ALL (R120) – The cracker contains
100ml Travel Size Wash 'n Go Shampoo & Conditioner
4g Sun Control Lip Block
To see samples of all the above and the other range reply to e-mail or call 0912-254882 or 011-381563

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What Do People Wear In Zimbabwe

Do every wonder what people in Zimbabwe wear? What’s in style? What’s not? All the questions and more are answered by several businesses & entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe – All on GetMoreInfo.

Here are a few links for Zimbabwean businesses that deal with everything to do with making Zimbabweans look good – from clothing for women and men to accessories and more…have a look.

Real Facts About Zimbabwe

Get facts about Zimbabwe below. We’ve listed a small number of random facts about Zimbabwe that you may find useful or interesting to know. Please read through…then if we didn’t include your favorite facts, please post a comment to include it!

Zimbabwe Facts On Public Holidays

  • January 1st – New Year’s Day
  • March 25th – 28th Good Friday to Easter Monday
  • April 18th – Independence Day
  • May 1st – Workers’ Day
  • May 25th – Africa Day
  • August 11th – Heroes’ Day
  • August 12th – Armed Forces Day
  • December 22th – Unity Day
  • December 25th – Christmas Day
  • December 26th – Boxing Day

Facts on Zimbabwe language – Official and main language is English. You’ll have no problem communicating with locals or businesses in English. Secondary language is called Shona.

Zimbabwe Independence Facts – Zimbabwe, previously known as Rhodesia achieved it’s independence in 1980 through what is commonly referred as the ‘Liberation Struggle’

Facts, Zimbabwe Money – Currency: The Zimbabwe dollar has long collapsed in Zimbabwe. In it’s stead now are the United States dollar, and the South African Rand. These are used interchangeably in every store and accepted by all businesses as an acceptable form of payment.

Zimbabwe Facts (Vic Falls) – Zimbabwe hosts one of the 7 wonders of the world…the incredible Victoria Falls (also called Mosi-oa-Tunya – “the smoke that thunders”. Although tourism in the country has suffered greatly over the last few years, Vic falls still draws visitors from around the world every year.

Other random facts about Zimbabwe:

  • Estimated population of 12 million.
  • President: President Robert Gabriel Mugabe
  • Prime Minister: Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai
  • Zimbabwe in the local language (Shona) means ‘House of Rock’
  • Zimbabwe’s size is Size: 390,580 square kilometers
  • Here’s what the Zimbabwe flag looks like…

The Zimbabwe Flag- getmoreinfo

The Zimbabwe Flag- GetMoreInfo

Click Here to search products and services in Zimbabwe from GetMoreInfo

Beauty Specialist Courses

Silvana Academy of Natural Health and Beauty Therapy
7 Glenara Avenue North, Eastlea North, Harare           Tel. 495225
is offering International BEAUTY SPECIALIST COURSES (ITEC London U.K.)
The course comprises of:
Facials / Skincare and eye treatments – 100 hours
Make-Up – 50 hours
Manicure/Pedicure – 50 hours
Depilation – 50 hours
Professional Conduct and Business Awareness – 50 hours

Full diploma cost – $3000
Modules – $800
No qualifications required.
Limited places available so call 495225 or email to book you career in Beauty Therapy

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Harare Homes For Sale

Have a look at these Homes for sale in Harare

  1. Northwood modern home with pool on 1 acre in a very secluded area well secured
  2. Glen view  1 neat compact house for sale,walled and gated $25000
  3. Zengeza 2 modern recently built house,neat and compact mes 14000
  4. Mount Pleasant Heights 1 acre stand for sale,ready to build,deed phone

Phone Zowa 0912317867

Quality curtain tracks, wrought iron, blinds, mirrors, awnings and glass

Quality Tracks and Blinds


We specialize in the manufacture and supply of:-


* Heavy and Light Duty Curtain Tracks

* Specialized Curtain Tracks

* Vertical and Venetian Blinds

* Wooden, Brass and Wrought Iron Curtain Rods

* Rebated Curtain Rods

* Brass and Wrought Iron Tie Backs

* Decorative Rods

* Roller Blinds

* Wooden / Woven Blinds

* Mirrors

* Glass / Glazing

* All Glass Showers

* Awnings


For more information and a free quotation please contact our sales team on:


Iain  0912 601 076

Michael  0912 405 714

Messages left  0912 601 665


Or email us on or


All your curtaining and soft furnishing requirements

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Stand for Sale In Kadoma – Get More Info

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Available is a stand in Mornington one of Kadomas best Low Density Surburbs


Stand – 2340sqm, title deeds and plans available, Ready to build


If interested or to discuss further please email or Call +263912830094








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Why pay a doctor to tell him what u r suffering when you can prevent it!!!!

Ladies and gentleman the best hospital in the world is in the kitchen
and they know they say prevention is better than cure. So why not
prevent that arthritis, high blood pressure, asthma, ezcema, acne etc
with aloe vera products from a natural plant with healing properties.
Feel free to contact me on 0912 333019 or email me for more info and
free presentation.


 Aloe Drinks Food in a glassALOE GELAloe is a natural healer – from
  inside outBalances the immune system/natural
  anti-inflammatoryFavoured by people with arthritis and
  skin disordersFavoured by people with digestive and
  bowel disordersUse as a daily nutritional tonic for
  better health – naturallyContains over 75 known active
  ingredients including 19 of the 20 amino acids the body requires and 7 of
  the 8 essential amino acids the body cannot makeKeeps for 3
months once opened, if


 All the benefits of Aloe Vera Gel
  with the sweeter taste of cranberriesContains potassium, vitamin A and
  potent anti-oxidants which have an important effect on the protection of
  the skinMay benefit those with urinary tract
  problems e.g. cystitis etc. because cranberries prevent bacteria gaining a
  hold in the urinary tractVitamin C and pectin in apples make
  the liver more efficient at detoxificationUse as a daily
nutritional tonic for
  better health – naturally


 All of the health benefits of Aloe
  Vera GelRefreshing, natural fruity taste of
  sun-ripened peachesSolid chunks of pure Aloe VeraIdeal for children


 With its natural orange flavour,
  added Vitamin C and methylsulphonylmethane (MSM), here’s a practical and
  nutritious way to defend against the signs of ageing and joint wear and
  tear – take Forever Freedom for fast and effective actionBetter
absorption of MSM, chondroitin
  and glucosamine due to Aloe Vera carrierIdeal for sports people and those
  with joint problemsContains natural substances that help
  maintain healthy jointsUnique formulation in an Aloe drink
  for the first time


 Powerful anti-oxidant supplement30ml a day provides your cells with
  everything they need to fight free radicalsHelps keep your immune
system strong
  and healthyContains two of the most potent
  fruits found in nature – pomegranates and mangosteens plus delicious mix
  of pear, raspberry, blueberry and grapeseedMultiple uses – as hot or cold
  cordial, livens up desserts, fruity ice lollies etc.Exotic
flavour that even kids will


 Great tasting energy boost containing
  complex carbohydratesCombining refreshing taste of
  pomegranate and mangosteen fruit with Aloe Vera GelUltimate
anti-oxidant cocktail in a
  handy packTake any time, any place, anywhere


sea Omega-3

 Omega-3 fatty acids play a part in
  reducng heart diseaseOmega-3 and Omega-9 fatty acids have
  a beneficial effect on cholesterol levelsMay help with effects of
  blood pressure (important in pregnancy), learning difficulties and skin



 Can help reduce risk of heart
  disease, memory loss and Alzheimer’s diseaseExtremely beneficial
to women wishing
  to conceive or in first 3 months of pregnancyGreat for
vegetarians and essential
  to vegans as B12 is normally obtained from animal sourcesVitamin
B12 and Folic Acid –
  an important combinationSlow time-release formula provides
  steady intake of active ingredients


 Can help support the immune function
  – take at the onset of colds and fluCan help with effects of Candida and
  ThrushContains goldenseal and grapeseed
  extract for maximum benefitsTake before, during and after a
  hospital stay to strengthen and protect the natural immune system


 Promotes a healthy digestive systemEnhances nutrient absorption and
  immune functionUnique combination of six
  shelf-stable highly beneficial strains of microbesNo
refrigeration neededSlow time-release formula provides
  steady intake of active ingredients


 Helps with short and
  long term memory loss as well as mental alertness by enhancing blood
  supply to the brainCan help with poor
  circulation and impotence – also a great energy boosterTonic herbs are
  added to enhance the benefits of ginkgo


 Provides energy,
  nutrition and staminaAids digestionCan help alleviate
  allergy symptomsBeneficial to the
  prostrate glandMulti-vitamin and
  multi-mineral supplement


 Natural and powerful antibioticContains 22 amino acids and B-complex
  vitaminsHelps with the symptoms of coughs,
  cold, flu and respiratory problemsFortified with Royal Jelly


 Enhances metabolism,
  reduces effects of ageing and eliminates fatigueGreat benefits for
  the skinEnhances energy and
  combats stressProvides all
  essential amino acidsContains vitamins A,
  C, D and E, and is also rich in B-complexRich in vitamins and

 Weight loss mgt


 Ideal for sportsmen and women for a
  speedy recoveryTwo shakes a day provide 100% RDA of
  vitamins and minerals, 55% more protein and less than 50% the carbohydrate
  of regularForever Lite powder – chocolate or
  vanillaApproximately 21 servings per can


 Aids natural metabolism and helps
  control appetite with a full feelingHelps lower production of cholesterol
  and fatty acids and boosts metabolic rateHelps the development of healthy
  hair, nails and skinPerfect companion to any weight
  management programmeIdeal for sports people, as it
  quickly energises the body

 Skin care

 For all skin problemsIdeal soother for burns, sunburn and
  after electrolysisTotally absorbed so promotes healing
  without marking clothesOur most potent topical product as it
  contains the most Aloe Vera GelPure and potent Aloe Vera – as if
  squeezed from the leafUse on hairline when perming or
  colouring hairAll the benefits of Aloe – no need to
  grow your own


 Soothes scrapes, burns, rashes and
  most skin conditionsHelps with cold sores and acne –
  creme leaves protective barrier on skinWith added benefit of bee
propolis (a
  natural antibiotic)Excellent everyday moisturiser,
  especially for dry skin conditionsMade with 100% Aloe Vera Gel


 Ideal for painful,
  stiff jointsPerfect for strains
  and sprainsSoothes effects of
  soft tissue rheumatism such as fibromyalgiaQuick relief for
  sporting injuriesSulphur content soothes
  skin conditions including acnePleasant smelling
  gel in a non-staining formula


 A warming agent for arches, painful
  joints and sprainsRich in texture – great for tired
  arching muscles and feetCan be helpful for headaches (apply a
  small amount to temples)For bronchial or respiratory problems
  massage on to chest or backAn ideal massage lotion – blissful
  relief from the pains and strains of the day


 Retain, Restore, Renew – R3!Nourishes and moisturises new skin
  cellsHelps reduce hyper-pigmentation, acne
  and sun scarringAids exfoliation of dry, dead skin
  cellsReduces appearance of fine lines and
  wrinklesIdeal for crow’s feet areaEmail to sign up for a free advertising account!


HOOVERS 3 IN 1(WET,DRY and Blow,)1800Watts,28LITRE DRUM Capacity and
many other Features!!


Brand new and Boxed


 For Delivery and Sales,Call or sms Lawson on 0912997581.Email to sign up for a free advertising account!

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