Whose Fault Is It When You Realise Your Current Medical Cover Is NOT Comprehensive Enough?

(Comparing “apples-to-apples”, we guarantee that our local or international competitors cannot match our cover or our premiums!)

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us today if want a medical plan that offers you the following:

  • Up to $1,000,000 in medical cover.
  • The most comprehensive medical cover available in Zimbabwe.
  • NO upfront payments, NO co-payments and NO shortfalls except for dentistry and optometry.
  • More cover than international providers without the expensive premiums.
  • More cover than local medical aid companies.
  • The freedom to choose where treatment takes place – locally or in South Africa. (It’s your choice.)
  • Peace of mind knowing that your medical bills will be paid directly to service providers. (No out-of-pocket expenses.)
  • Local and cross border emergency air evacuations for you and a family member.
  • Cross border non-emergency evacuation for member and a family member if in-patient or day-patient treatment not available locally.
  • Affordable monthly premiums.
  • Worldwide Travel Cover for accidents and emergencies.

For more information on rates and benefits, contact us on Harare 700976/701764/700223 or via email at multimed@healthzim.com.

Here are a few TESTIMONIALS we’ve recently received:

A few months ago, my daughter Kelly, complained of pain in her stomach, so we took her off to see our Doctor, who informed us that her appendix would need to be removed immediately and she needed to get to the hospital within the hour. We phoned Multimed from the Doctors, to get authorization for the operation and for blood tests to be carried out.  By the time we arrived at both places, the Multimed team had already pre-paid the required amounts and it was a hassle free situation. On top of which we received a visit while in Hospital to ensure that all had gone well and that there were no problems with payments.

I have been a member of a couple of other International Medical Aid Scheme’s and I have never received the care, attention or efficiency that I got from Multimed… ever!!!  They are a great crowd and live up to their reputation for efficiency and service. Thank you. Pastor Dave Edden – Harare


“I have recently returned from surgery in South Africa which indeed came as a shock to all my family. However, I just want to thank you for all that was done and your outstanding service. I will recommend Multimed to all I know. The morning I was admitted there was not one single problem, it was such a comfort to have everything so organised.”  Sadie King – Bulawayo


“I want to say a big thank you to Multimed for their outstanding service in March when I had an unexpected but short visit to the clinic.  All pre-payments were met and I experienced no problems before or after my op. Thank you Multimed for putting my mind at ease.  I will recommend you to anyone who is looking for an outstanding medical aid.” Kathi Jordan – Harare


I elected to have surgery in South Africa early this year. Multimed arranged trouble free admission and full payment for the entire procedure.  We were pleasantly surprised at this outstanding service and highly recommend Multimed for cost effective and reliable cover. Vera Dardagan – Harare


At a B & B in Louis Trichardt, my 6 year old son ran through a glass door. On our way to the hospital I phoned Multimed to confirm what we needed to do forgetting that as I was outside Zimbabwe, I should have phoned MSO. Nonetheless, Multimed immediately contact MSO who contacted us and took care of all the bills – we didn’t have to pay anything upfront. Basically, we made one call and everything was sorted out for us. When you are in a crisis you need someone to step in and sort out things for you. Multimed did that for us. Furthermore, Multimed made a follow up call to us later that evening to make sure my son was alright. That kind of service is hard to come by these days. Thank you Multimed. Wendi Brooking – Harare


In March this year I was diagnosed with gallstones which required me to have my gallbladder removed as soon a possible. I was referred to a specialist who then booked a hospital bed and an anaesthetist for the operation. I had the operation and two days later I was back home. Multimed took care of all the bills without me having to pay for anything. To my wife and I this was a huge load off our shoulders as we were dreading to find the cash to have this operation.  I have no hesitation to recommend Multimed to anyone as they are efficient and pleasant to work with. Fintan Kelly – Harare

WARNING: You Are Paying too Much for Your Medical Cover!

WARNING: You Are Paying too Much for Your Medical Cover!If you are about to renew or purchase any of the following – Interglobal, BUPA, Goodhealth, MARS, Health International, William-Russell,
Allianz etc, please be advised that MULTIMED can offer you similar
cover for less premium – Guaranteed!!!

In fact, if you are 75 or younger, show me your official quotation and
level of benefits and I GUARANTEE that we can offer you similar or
the same level of cover for less premium.

Contact me, Sean Steyn, via email at sean@healthzim.com or phone
me on (04) – 700976 / 701764 / 700223.

Email gmisubscribed@gmail.com to sign up for a free advertising account!

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