What Can I Post?

What to post on GetMoreInfo

Whatever or whoever you are, you can make use of GetMoreInfo with a little creativity. Once you’ve joined, you can start posting with a simple email to the address provided you. Thousands of people who would never have heard of you, now have a place to get more info about you…and respond. Here are just a few ideas to consider…

  1. If I were a computer company, I’d post few pictures of my most desirable computers, together with prices and specs
  2. If I owned a Restaurant, I’d post a picture of people enjoying my food in the restaurant and a short description of what makes us different
  3. If I were a graphics designer I’d post 3 or 4 of my best pieces and write a little about why you’d want to hire me.
  4. If I were into real estate, I’d post my top 10 most exciting properties together with my logo and contact details.
  5. If I were looking for a job, I’d post an introduction about who Max Soutter is, why I’m worth hiring, then attach my well written CV in word or PDF format for anyone to download.
  6. If I were a software development business I’d post an introduction to my profile – then provide a PDF download for whoever wants to read the whole thing
  7. If I were a book writer, I’d post the first two paragraphs of my latest book with a picture of it’s cover…and where to buy the book.
  8. If I owned a supermarket, I’d post a pricelist of my most in demand products, my address, open hours and what makes me different.
  9. If I were a blogger, I’d post a brief intro on why my blog is so hot and 3 or 4 links to my best posts. I’d probably also include a link to my FaceBook/Twitter or other.
  10. If I were a Finance consultant, I’d post a short decriscription of my services and a link to my linkedIn or Google profile
  11. If I were a marketing consultant, I’d post a paragraph on the importance of marketing and why I’m the best…then I’d attach one or two PDF downloads with my most impressive or successful marketing campaigns ever designed, and maybe even a few testimonials.
  12. If I were a big-time CEO, I’d post my companies most impressive achievements and basically show off.
  13. If I were a strategic entrepreneur I’d post something, anything…and I’d do it quickly. Then I’d contact GetMoreInfo and ask for a specialized link for my pages for free. After that I’d get them to design a newspaper advert for close to free as possible – highlighting the link to my GetMoreInfo Pages. I’m sure they’d be keen.
  14. If I were An Aggressive Marketer On A Small Budget… I’d contact GetMoreInfo and find out what kind of exposure they could give me, if I got 50 entrepreneurs to signup site. Then I’d email my favorite email marketing forum, customer lists and friends. I’d tell them why GetMoreInfo works so well in my own words. Then I’d ask them to sign up with a blank email to gmisubscribed@gmail.com – with MY NAME is their subject headline. That way GMI could track how many signups came from my efforts…and give me my reward!

You Can Post All These…

  • A corporate advert. Tell people of your business, products and services
  • Corporate Profile.  Share all the details that make your business different, successful or the best choice
  • Your Company Brochure.
  • A Product or service presentation
  • Your latest special promotion
  • A copy of your latest email promotion
  • Your price lists
  • What else can you think of?
  • If it’s the kind of information that you want your customers to be able to find about you and your business, then this is the perfect place to post it!

Here’s how to sign up

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