Hospital Equipment & Consumables Zimbabwe

For all your medical equipment email or call us on 0774 502 588

Our Products include:

Hospital Equipment

Heavy Duty Laundry Equipment (For use in Hospitals ,Hotels and other
big institutions) – Supply & Fitting
Incenerators – Supply and Fitting
Water Tanks – Supply and Fitting
Wheel Chairs
Dental Chairs
Surgical Equipment
Baby Incubators

Hospital Consumables

Ambubags – adults
Ambubags – paediatrics
Agfa Developer solution
Agfa Fixer Solution
Agfa X – ray films
Agfa X – ray films
Agfa X – ray films
Agfa X – ray films
Agfa X – ray films
Agfa X – ray films
Autoclave Pot 20L (Electric)
Autoclave Pot 20L (Non Electric)
Autoclave Pot 37L (electric)
BP Machine (aneroid)
BP Machine (Digital)
BP Machines (Mercurial)
BP Machine (wrist digital)
Baby scale dial type with tray
Baby Scale digital type
Bathroom Scales
Bed Pans (polypropalene, autoclavable)
Bed Pans (stainless steel)
Blade (for electric plaster saw)
Blanket (red)
Centrifuge 12 tube
Clinical thermometer
Diagnostic sets
Digital Thermometers
Dissecting forceps T/P
Doctors stethoscopes
Double Bottle Suction machine
Dressing trolley
Elbow Clutches (Aluminium) – Each
Eye pads
Foetal Heart Doppler Sonicad
Fetal Heart Sonic ad
Foetoscope (metal)
Hanging Bags or (Weighing bags)
Hanging Scale
Kidney dishes 15cm
Kidney dishes 20cm
Kidney dishes 25cm
Kidney dishes 30cm
Laryngoscope (4 blade)
Measuring jar (plastic)
Needle holders
Nurses scissors
Nurses stethoscope
Oxygen Gauges with Humidifier
Plaster saw (electric)
Roll Autoclave Tape Rolls
Single Bottle Suction machine – (electric)
Single Bottle Suction machine – (manual)
Standard Height measure
Stille PL/Shear 37cm
Suction catheters (all sizes)
Umbilical cord clamps
Underarm clutches (Aluminum)
Vacuum extractor (2 silicone cups)

…..and much more!

Please email, call or SMS on 0774 502 588 for enquiries and details.

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