Business Listings (Zimbabwe)

Great News!!!
Have A Look At The NEW Pricing For Our Business Listings!!!

Business Listing Pricing

Showcase Entry – $100 for one year – Company logo, short/long business description, e-mail & website address, contact numbers & address, Google map, photo gallery (up to 9 images at a time) and your own contact form.
Premium Entry – $50 for one year – Short business description, e-mail & website address, contact numbers & address.
Basic Entry – $25 for one year – E-mail address, contact numbers & address.
Free entry – Still FREE – Contact numbers & address.

For more information on these listings please have a look at – it shows what info you can enter for the different types of listing, or reply to this e-mail.

Some stats from Find it Fast:

– Over 14,000 businesses already listed.
– If your business in not listed, it can be added as a FREE listing.
– If your business is already listed, you can use the “Is This Your Business” button to claim your listing, and make changes to it.
– Our events e-mail is growing more and more popular – with over 80 events listed weekly!!!
Over 1,000 visits per day!
Over 600 page views per day!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like more information on our Business listings. Either reply to this e-mail, or call us on 783 034/5!

We look forward to hearing from you!


Find it Fast
The Got It All Know It All Website


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