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Pearl-Eye Management System P/L

We are an IT company which specializes in software development. We develop business solutions per our clients’ exact specifications. We have designed some generic solutions for Micro Finance organizations, NGOs, warehouse owners, fleet owners and many more. Here is a brief description of some of the generic software tools we have developed after thorough research.


Are you tired of the tedious paperwork involved in lending money? You cannot effectively calculate client interests, you cannot have loan information at your fingertips or you cannot figure out which client owes you what, since when…

Here is your problem solver – PEMS Loan Tracking System. tracks a loan from the moment it was applied for till the client pays back every cent i.e.
1. Loan applications,
2. Loan approvals
3. Loan disbursements
4. Loan payments
5. Produces a loan book.
The system can be use concurrently by more than 50 people over a network. The system can be customized to suite your unique organization. Of cause you can also get a packaged system.


It is an intelligent system ideal for Non-governmental Organizations involved in the procurement and distribution of commodities to communities. In a nutshell the system does the following:

1. Logs all dispatches from commodity suppliers.
2. Tracks all receipts from supplier into donor’s (NGO) warehouse.
3. Tracks dispatches from donor’s (NGO) warehouse to the (IP) Implementing Partner’s warehouse,
4. Tracks community issues i.e. from the IP’s warehouse to the community/villager,
5. And many more….


Do you want to computerize all your warehouse transactions? If so here is an intelligent computer program which does exactly that. Our Warehouse Monitoring System does the following:

1. Captures all receipts into your warehouse and all dispatches,
2. Manages inventory,
3. Automates warehouse reporting
4. And many more….

Are you having problems managing your fuel? You are hitting losses and cannot trace the origin. You cannot calculate the maintenance cost for each vehicle. Here is the solution for you:

Our Fleet Maintenance System is an intelligent computer program which does the following:
1. Inventory management of fuel (both pump fuel and coupon fuel) at your company.
2. Inventory management of spare parts.
3. Vehicle maintenance cost..
4. Mileage tracking and calculates ‘dead’ kilometers.
5. And so on….


Are you having a hard time managing stationary at your organization? You can’t keep track of which department has requested what, when and how much of what has been consumed. Then search no further:

Our Stationary Monitoring System helps you do the following:
1. Track all stationary receipts per commodity.
2. Tracks all dispatches per department per item.
3. Stock take of stationary & inventory management.
4. And so on…

PS: These systems can be tailor-made to suit your exact business operations. We can also design systems from scratch as well; all we need is the specifications.

We also supply brand new computers and accessories. We repair all office equipment i.e. printers, PCs, scanners, copiers e.t.c. as well as networking.


Tel: 263 4 797548/795763/794594
Cell: 263 913 068 901/0912 289 279

Pearl-Eye Management Systems
113 Nelson Mandela Street
Patrick Court
2nd Floor, Suite 3

Email Address:

Huge Specials on Meat prices this week

To all our valued old customers and potential new ones, we at O’Neill Meats
have slashed our meat prices for this week.

To those of you in the Restaurant or catering trade, we have whole chicken
leg quarters at $2.50 per kg which we are selling by the box.

For further info or to place orders contact Lisa O’Neill on the following




Or email on

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All servers and server requirements

We have servers and components scsi hard drives, ram, raid, tape drives.
email for more info

 Contact us
macromediazim@gmail.comEmail to sign up for a free advertising account!

Aloe Vera and Arthritis

Forever Freedom – Unique formulation available in an Aloe Vera drink form
providing fro the first time a practical and nutritious way to defend
against signs of ageing and joint wear and tear.
Increased bio-availability, and preventative measure for sports people
and those with joint/arthritis problems. Call
Nyasha on 091 2 226 349.

 Nyasha and Nyasha

 “..and of His fullness we have all received grace for grace… for his
divine power has given us everything we need for life
and Godliness…..”

 Nyasha Marshal Madyara
091 2 226 349
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House to Rent – Glenlorne

Glenlorne House for rent

Thatched House in Glenlorne, for occupation 1 Sept 09.

 Large upstairs master bedroom, ensuite; two bedrooms downstairs,
sharing two bathrooms.
Two-tier open plan living area with good views.
Big lawned garden and Msasa woodland surrounds, on 5 acre property
with resident community sharing excellent security. Good Zesa and
water. Tel 1 line connected.

 5 min walk to Green Park, Highlands Park and Glenlorne Farm & City
supermarkets, 5 min drive to Chisi & Rolf Valley, 10min to B’dale &
B’dale brook, 15 min to town.

 $ 1000pm

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Tupperware Monthly Specials (Harare Zimbabwe)

Get a Handy Bowl Set for ZAR433.00 – The set consists of three all
purpose bowls. Great for preparing, storing and serving fresh salads
or pre-prepared meals. If there are any left overs just put the seal
on and refrigerate. The bowls come in three sizes 1litre, 2 litre and
3.3 litres.

The Giant Canister 8.7 litres is ideal to store and carry large
quantities of dry ingredients. Alternatively use it as a bucket to
transport water or large quantities of juice or other beverages. When
travelling place ice at the bottom and use as a cooler box to keep
beverages chilled. For mums or mums to be this can also be used as a
steriliser. This handy canister can be yours for ZAR398.00

Ideal for travelling, on picnics etc. The large Snack Set and handle
– these are two large containers (4 litres and 2 litres with handle)
that stack neatly together. Get this for ZAR409.00

Buy a Crystalware set – two 1.5 litre bowls and get one 2 litre bowl
for free. Use these versatile microware bowls for reheatiing
previously cooked meals in an instant. The unique steam vent seal
prevents food from drying out and also avoids, messy splattering in
the microwave. The vent must be open while heating. This can be
yours for ZAR463.00

The Vegetable and Fruit Preparation Set – this kitchen set consists of
cutting board, vegetable peele and forget me not round. The forget me
not is great to store left over onions or tomatoes and then hang in
the fridge so they are not forgotten. Get this handy set for ZAR258.00

For more details or to place your order

please call Anne on0912 488 898 or email

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 Factory No 1, 75 Roberts Drive, Msasa.

 Tel / Fax : 04 – 446280 .

 Cell: 091 2 266 682 – Faye.

   091 3 102 898 – Craig .






 Zimbabwe International Procurement Services staffed with ten years
experience in procurement and service excellence, can offer a one stop
service for all you food requirements at competitive prices, be it
fresh farm fruit and vegetables or dry goods sourced both locally or
imported. We can source whatever you require in a reasonable time,
pack it and have it ready for collection. Terms – payment on
collection. For orders outside of Harare transport can be arranged.


 Place your order by phone, fax or e-mail on numbers listed below and
we will do the rest !!!


 Tel / Fax : 04 – 446280


 Cell: 091 2 266 682 – Faye

   091 3 102 898 – Craig


 E-mail :


 Factory Number 1, 75 Roberts Drive , Msasa, (Off Stephens Drive)Email to sign up for a free advertising account!

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