STUDY IN MALAYSIA @ Bostonweb College of technology and Management.

STUDY IN MALAYSIA @ Bostonweb College of technology and Management.

Get your affordable world class, higher education that leads you to a recognised Bachelor degree program / programme from United Kingdom / Great Britain.Obtain your quality tertiary education and qualification in the field of Information Technology – IT, Cyber Security,Business – Accounting, Techno Entrepreneurship.Also get secure yourself a good, high standard English Language qualification (English for Higher Studies and IELTS preparatory from us at BOSTONWEB COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT, KUALA LUMPUR MALAYSIA.

CONTACT US via email
Mr Awi (,
Mr.Emry (,
Ms Suriati (,
Mr Ahmad (

We also invite Student Recruitment Agents and Agencies.
Attractive Commissions scheme for student recruitment available.

2 Responses

  1. Hello, i was going through your school website and i recommended your school to a friend of mine that is coming from Nigeria next week … i want you to post me the necessary document you would require when he is coming over. And i also want ti know the commission i get for recruiting students for your school and how fast do i get the commission.. hope to hear from you soon

    best regards.. Randy .

  2. hello everybody! who can tell me the current school fee for information technology or cyber security student in bostonweb college

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